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You have the idea and your products and we offer you the solution !

Now Zonstore makes it possible for private persons and all companies, big or small to be seen out on the internet.
ZonStore offers services that affects development, planing and designs from advanced to more simple homepages.
We give you service to develop your ideas with consideration to the broad technical possibilitys that we have today.
We work principally with PHP, MySQL, PERL, HTML. We design homepages, logotypes (macromedia) mm. according to your wishes and along your companies graphical profile.
We offers you a online shopping system that are used by example and We on Zonestore offers you webbhotell and a domain to a low cost. We work with small and big companies that want to public their homepage or webbshop on the internet.

All prices are inclusive tax. We sell only the rights to use the material that we produce, the copyrihts we donīs sell. It means that you canīt distribute copys of the products you buy from Zonstore.


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